Saturday, October 20, 2012

Pumpkin patch

I absolutely love this time of year! I love the weather, the changing of the leaves, to be able to wear fall clothes, and especially to start all the holidays!! Today was such a perfectly warm day that we decided to go to my favorite pumpkin patch, the red barn and pick out pumpkins!

It was really busy today because it was Saturday, so aiden (and Jeff) got a little impatient waiting for the hayride.

We rode on a tractor through the orchard. It was so pretty. Aiden loved seeing the horses. He kept doing his horsey laugh. Haha! Silly kid!

We then were dropped off at the pumpkin patch and aiden, Jeff, and I began our search for the perfect pumpkins.

Aiden held mommys hand because she kept falling in all the holes. Why I thought heels in a pumpkin patch was a good idea is beyond me.

We looked long and hard to find the perfect pumpkins. Aiden even found his shadow!

After finding our pumpkins, we took turns going down the slide. First it was mommy and aidens turn.

And then daddy took aiden. The slide was super fast! :)

Aiden found a cool green tractor and decided he could drive!

"Bye mommy! I'm off to dig some dirt!"

We pretended to be a pumpkin.

And a ghost!

Played on the truck.

And in the hay.

We finished with homemade ice cream and apple cider. It was a perfect fall day. Love our family fun days!!

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